Why EVs

The Future is Electric

"Electric Vehicles are the future" - it is not a mere statement, it is what all the world is saying, and we have got figures to back it up, for instance it is speculated that by 2040 all the automotive industry would be switching from conventional to electric driven vehicles.

The EVs revolution is catching on rather fast, the big giants of the automotive industry are going all out for electric vehicles by the end of the next decade, and this is a revolution which might catch on speed exceeding all expectations.

With governments giving subsidies and tax relaxations to businesses related to EVs, it is a great opportunity for all to take advantage of the new drift which would benefit all stakeholders.

Just think about the benefits you could reap from a "Markhor" e-bike:

We believe now is just the right time to be a part of this great industrial revolution. We understand the evolution process may take time for fine tunes and trial run issues, however we are quite up for it, that is why we so heavily emphasize on product R&D.

We are committed to change for the better, and with the passage of time we visualize "Markhor" to be an integral part of this EVs evolution process … as we strive to put in our best to be among the top trend setters, ahead of the pack in every aspect.

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