Our Brand Story

Here is how the name of the company originated, we are of the view that whatever product we launch in the market stands out from rest, that is why we rely heavily on the research and development process. The company believes in out of the box solutions and value addition when it comes to launching the final products in the market.

With all the technical background and expertise, we consider ourselves to be way above the average and that is what we aim at delivering. Uncompromised Quality equally matched with the ever evolving technological enhancement in the field of electric vehicles. For us the research and development is a never ending process, always striving for the best is our motto. We simply will not settle for anything less than the best, whatever the cost may be.

We believe that our products would be unique, with features that no other competitor could think of. We believe that value addition has many aspects to it, may it be the quality of raw material we use, may it be the integration of gadgets and accessories that come with our products and last but not the least the technical enhancement that would be the trademark of our business.

So this is how the name "Markhor" relates to our business model. Whatever products we launch in the market under our brand name would have all the characteristics of this rare and superior animal - Markhor. Just imagine the magnificence and the glory of this mountain goat ever eager to conquer the roughest of terrains and hardest of challenges, imagine an animal so tough to climb the steepest heights without fear and so little effort.

That is how we would want our products to be, magnificent yet loaded with power and wit!

We are talking about delivering Strong and Resilient products that are Robust enough to stand the test of time and of nature. No matter what the odds are, we trust our products to pass all tests of endurance.

Markhor promises to deliver uniqueness, intelligence, endurance and captivating beauty. May it be advanced maneuverability or the intelligent on board AI based Systems, out of the box structural designs or the overall quality of our products, we simply aim to deliver the best of the best.

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