Why Markhor

Rock-solid, Durable

There are several reasons to work with us.

Rock-solid, Durable

Markhor's range of products are rock-solid and durable. They are built to last. The durability of our products give our customers the quality they need and the satisfaction they want.

Modern Technology

To give you the best product, we use the best possible technology in the market. Time is the only true test for any new technology, however, the influx of new inventions is so fast these days that by the time any innovation completes its testing time newer variations spring up narrowing the competition even more. At Markhor EV Technologies we try our best to be at par with the current market trends and the latest technological advancements.

Brilliant Team

Whether it is the management team or the engineers, everyone is a participant in progress. Markhor EV Technologies is blessed with people who have an excellent team spirit and work in harmony like a family. We here at Markhor are a bunch of professionals who realize the importance of teamwork and make sure that we meet deadlines in time every time, that is why everyone watches each other in the best interest of the organisation. We all understand that hard work and due diligence is the key to rapid progress and we would only prosper if the company achieves its goals amicably.

Unique Concepts

R&D runs in our blood and we are always working on something unique to offer you. Unique ideas are always welcomed in the Markhor environment, that is why our team keeps coming up with unique and out of the box ideas. Our work environment is extremely stress free and we believe in gender equality and equal opportunity for all. Here everyone is working for his own self, of course living within the company norms, and that is why the end result is astounding in fact nothing short of AMAZING!

Safety First

Your safety is most important to us. We actually call ourselves a safety company with an EV licence. Each and every Markhor product is tested for quality and performance at various stages of production, however, when it comes to safety it goes way beyond our normal standards. There is simply no compromise on the safety of our customers, and this goes a long way. Starting from the acquisition of the raw materials the R&D is carried out at all production levels, and all processes have standing instructions regarding our safety standards. The good part is, this does not end here, the safety instructions & guidelines go along with all of our sold products. This good work shows in our after sales activities as well.

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